We want to spread the word. Animals are sentient beings—they feel like we do, they undergo pain and suffering like we do, and they appreciate and seek nurturing by humans.

Humans domesticated wolves and wild cats for companionship. As a result, dogs and cats (the domesticated versions of wolves and wild cats) can no longer survive in the wild or fend for themselves on the streets.

"You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed."
-from the Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Animals have been our best companions and friends. Let us give show kindness to these caring creatures, even going a step further, by rescuing them from suffering. With your help, we aim to make every home, community and city a pet- and animal-friendly place.

To celebrate their 50th birthdays this year, Geraldine Mayor, the founder of Pawlanthropy, Inc., and Liselle Towers, one of the earliest supporters of the organization, wanted to celebrate their 50th birthdays teaming up with friends for The Love Run on March 26, 2017.

The Love Run is the newest and premiere half-marathon in Philadelphia which takes place every spring. In its three years, the race has sold out to 10,000 runners, walkers, and athletes who share a passion for running. It is a 13.1-mile long course which passes through historical landmarks and picturesque views of the city.

We at Pawlanthropy, Inc. saw The Love Run as an amazing opportunity to raise awareness for our organization and our cause to save the lives of our furry companions. We hope that you can extend your help and support for our advocacy to vaccinate, spay, and neuter 100 Aspins and Puspins.

Truly, your donations will go a long way.

Founded in 2014, Pawlanthropy is a charity and advocacy group for animal welfare. It's founder, Geraldine Mayor, has been involved in animal rescue efforts in New Jersey, Philadelphia, California since 2008, and lately, Manila, Philippines.

Our goal is to educate the public about the endless stream of homeless animals on the streets and in shelters/pounds, and about what we can do to help them.

We provide resources to reputable animal rescuers and independent rescuers in the United States and Philippines, and work towards establishing havens for animals by encouraging private citizens and their government officials to make their communities animal-friendly.

Currently, we fund pull fees from shelters, transport costs, veterinary services, spay and neuter procedures for homeless and abused animals. We also donate goods like medications, medical equipment and food to rescues, and provide foster homes for pets waiting to be adopted.

We network to coordinate the resources you have that complement the resources that others have to make a plan work for an animal in need. Your donation will help us continue to support animal rescues and rescuers to take animals off the streets, out of the pounds, and find them homes.

We are searching for flight volunteers who can help us take goods, like medications or medical instruments between the US and Manila, Philippines. Flight volunteers also take lucky pets to their new home.

The period allowance given by shelters is not enough to get the animals adopted out. We are looking for foster homes that can temporarily take animals in to save them from euthanasia while we look for forever homes.

For your next pet have you asked yourself, "Why not save a life?" Adopt a homeless pet and experience the reward of rescue. Please go to your local shelter, pound, or animal rescue organization.


Pawlanthropy Inc. partners with the Philippine Pet Birth Control Center (PPBCC), a non-government organization that aims to lessen animal abuse and abandonment by controlling dog and cat populations at a minimal cost.

Philippine Pet Birth Control Center


The PPBCC is currently on its way to establish its first neuter clinic, and we support its efforts to make sterilization more affordable especially to indigent pet owners. We likewise support its TNVR (Trap-Neuter-Vaccine-Return) initiative for stray animals.

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